Day and Knight Pest Control

Tacoma Area pest Control Company129 Nisqually Way
Ashford, WA 98304
(253) 226-5463
Pest Control in Tacoma

Day and Knight Pest Control, owned by Dennis Day, is a full service pest control, management, and extermination company located in the tiny town of Ashford, WA. However, Dennis serves the entire Tacoma and Pierce county region, including Eatonville and Lakewood, as well as Puyallup. I had a problem in my basement with odorous house ants, and I got Day and Knight’s name from a neighbor, who had a termite problem earlier in the year.

I found out from Dennis that they handle everything from rodents, like mice and rats, to bats and bugs, including bed bugs. All I know is that I had a ant problem, and I don’t anymore. Dennis and his team even cleaned up the insulation damage that was done, and instead of having to replace the insulation, he did what he called “insulation decontamination,” which worked like a charm. No more ants, and my insulation is a s good as new!

I also learned that Day and Knight offers something called “Do It Yourself Pest Control,” which can really save a homeowner a lot of money. For folks who don’t mind a bit of effort, Dennis will put together a comprehensive plan, depending on the type of pest problem you have. He’ll make product recommendations, and even help you with scheduling and implementation. Call Dennis… you can’t go wrong!