Lakeside-Milam Recovery Center

3315 S. 23rd St.
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 204-3511

My older brother was having alcohol and drug related legal issues. He started treatment at Lakeside-Milam per court order. In no time that turned out to be a life changing experience. The treatment program utilizes Medical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual approaches to teach the patients the tools to overcome the addictions. The center also offers free weekly Family Support Group to educate the family members about the diseases and provide the strategies (do’s and don’ts) to help the patients recover.

In addition, the counselors truly care about their patients. They always go extra mile to work with family member to address any concerns (or emergency situations). My brother initially attended treatment program in order to avoid jail time. Now, he has found not only the support system to keeps him clean/sober but also the mentors to help him plan for a better life in the future. I am happy to get my big brother back – thanks to Lakeside-Milam. It has changed my brother’s life, I am positive it can also change your love one’s life.