Mary Mary’s Cafe

Meatlovers MaryMarys16511 Pacific Ave. S.
Spanaway, WA 98387
(253) 537-4039

Just recently I had the pleasure of visiting this little cafe, that is hidden out along Pacific Ave. in Spanaway. My father had rented a large room in the cafe for the gathering after my grandfather’s funeral. When we first arrived the staff was very friendly and sympathetic to the reason for the gathering. The place had a kind of homey feel, but seemed to be very open. The decor on the walls were that of local freelance photographers. All of them for sale. The room we were put in was very cozy, and gave us the right amount of privacy.

I found that the food here was just what you would expect from a little hometown place. The portions were huge, and the drinks endless. The coffee was fresh and didn’t seem like it had sat all day. I ordered their Meat lover’s Omelet, and oh my gosh let me tell ya, AMAZING. Not to mention is was huge and the sides that come with it, where generous helpings. I left with a doggy bag. This little place has now become a monthly thing for me and my family to come together. And the prices are perfect.