Tacoma Nature Center

1919 S. Tyle St.
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 591-6439

It’s a nature conservancy to most people, a light hike with some nice indoor displays that help the kids learn more about the natural world around them. But for me personally it was a little place I could go to get away from all the troubles and strife from my high school days. A place that I could loose myself in and just day dream abou better days to come.

Its a cute little green oasis in the middle of town. A big elevated highway runs right along one side, and busy streets border it everywhere. But there’s a little lake with birds and toads and turtles and whatnot, surrounded by woods dense enough that you sometimes don’t even hear the traffic. The trails are flat and easy to walk–suitable for little kids and probably even older grandparents.

There’s plenty of parking and a little interpretive center with bathrooms and a gift shop. They also have terrariums with turtles and toads and other wildlife you can see up close. There are also some open spaces in the interpretive center; you can rent them for medium-sized gatherings. We threw a birthday party for my grandfather there one year. The rental was simple and easy, with lots of help from the people who were in charge. The day was one to remember.

By far another one of my favorite place I can find right here in my hometown.